Business Innovation Centre

A global strategy for meaningful innovation

At Konica Minolta we believe in fostering meaningful innovation, developing new technologies and growing creative ideas that deliver significant change for millions of people. As part of our strategy for achieving that we have created Business Innovation Centre activities across the world.

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What is BIC?

Business Innovation Centers (the BICs) are established in 5 major regions as the core engine of growth for Konica Minolta. The BICs’ mission is to gain a deeper understanding of our customers’ needs and deliver value to the world.

New lab and client innovation centre opening in Brno

About BIC Europe

In Europe, we're collaborating with academic institutes, startups and our clients. We propose ideas and shape them collaboratively with others into commercialised businesses.

Great ideas have their own gravity

Something magical happens with great ideas: they create a kind of gravity, pulling people in and helping to spark more new ideas. It's not hard to grow a great idea once the right people and resources are in place to nurture it.

Offices and Labs around the world

Our research and development labs around the world are available to partners. Perhaps your project would benefit from being incubated at one for an extended period or maybe it would be useful simply to have a talk to our experts there.

San Francisco

Our North American BIC is based in Foster City, California

1051 E Hillsdale Blvd


Our colleagues in BIC Japan are based in Tokyo

1 Chome-1-1 Shibaura


Our Berlin Facility is based the Kreuzberg District

Schlesischen Straße 27


The first laboratory for Konica Minolta Research & Development opened in 2015

Holandská 880/7, 639 00