Business Innovation Centre

Analysing the workplace

Posted 27th Feb 2015

Digital workplace is one of the major themes for the Business Innovation Centre.  Last year I made a short video on the importance of workplaces with one of the UK’s leading architects, Simon Allford.  Earlier this month, myself and a few colleagues met with the excellent Arup Foresight team to learn more about their methodologies.  The team included […]

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Disunified comms

Posted 26th Feb 2015

Image by Duncan Martin – Public Domain Back in 1981, here in the United Kingdom, British Telecom introduced the  BT connector.  Prior to its release, telephones were hardwired into a junction box, so you tended to use the phone nearest to its installation point.  The BT connector and its matching socket gave rise to an […]

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Making augmented reality work for business

Posted 6th Feb 2015

On 30th January, Konica Minolta with Pioneers Discover ran a workshop to explore the potential of augmented reality in the business environment.  With startups Augmensys, Anyline, Insightness, Insider Navigation and Wikitude, the challenges and opportunities facing augmented reality technology were explored.  We concluded that the business value of augmented reality is in the early stages […]

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