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Pioneers Discover Workshop #2 in Berlin

Posted 24th Jun 2015

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We ran this workshop in a new space we created in our very friendly sister company, Dots Software, in Berlin. Now, does this photo remind you of meetings in an unfamiliar place?  Then we’re not alone.  The irony is that this workshop was billed as a ‘digital workplace’ event where we sought out some leading startups in Europe.  Once we had the wires sorted, the workshop continued with our guests from Wyconn, Gini,  W’Inspire and Shoutr.  The purpose of the workshop was to explore the potential to connect the technologies from these startups to a new IT services platform being developed by Konica Minolta.  We find these workshops valuable not only for connecting with potential partners on a technological level but also getting to know each other.  This is a factor not often discussed when working on new partnerships. We’re very glad of the support and interest of our guests and are working right now on how to progress the initiatives started.